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My name is Nicolas Blank, I live in , South Africa.

I am a (10 years) and a Microsoft Certified Master in and Office 365, and Microsoft Certified Solutions Master in Exchange 2013. I spend most of my time in the messaging world, and Exchange is a particular passion of mine. I’ve been working with Exchange in one form or another for nearly 20 years, not only as a consultant but as a consumer and administrator. Over years, that focus has changed from on-premises to cloud, and with cloud to include Microsoft Azure.

I’ve written and spoken about Exchange for a few years, a lot of inspiration for my talks and my blog entries are gained from working with incredible people doing incredible things.

I try and blog about where and when I speak, so it would be great to meet you if you follow my blog regularly, or even if it’s just helped you out in a small way.

I consult to corporations and vendors in different parts of the world, if you’d like to use me, remember that I DO live in the bottom part of Africa, GMT +2, but Skype, VPN and remote make the world a lot smaller. I amd the founder of the NBConsult group of companies and am available there to consult. If you’d like to get hold of me personally then, please use the contact page.

I help run a community called Africa at http://itproafrica.com, on the site you’ll find the page, and the twitter follow. ITPro Africa also featured on LinkedIn as an open group. Please join and contribute.

PLEASE use the comments portion of the blog for feedback if you have any. Often as bloggers we pour our heart and souls into blogging about things we hope are useful for the community in general, but we won’t know unless YOU tell us, so please comment if anything’s ever useful to anyone.

Thank you for reading my blog.


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