Make Web not War – PHP, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal available for download on Microsoft .com

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That a quote from the bottom of a series of Microsoft Web pages. Interested ? Read on…. Things have been rather interesting over at, specifically over at   Each one of these represents a download area to an installer to get any one of these applications downloaded […]

Don’t call the Night Nurse – How To Upgrade Exchange 2010 Licensing from Exchange 2010 Standard to Exchange 2010 Enterprise

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A customer of mine deployed Exchange 2010 and then licensed it as Exchange 2010 Standard by applying the applicable license key – However soon afterwards they realised that they could not do a bunch of things that needed Exchange Enterprise features such as deploy more than 5 Databases. To recap – The Exchange product key […]

Exchange 2007 is not dead :)

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No Exchange 2007 is NOT dead – on the contrary, it’s getting better as is proved by the lasted blog post entitled Overview of Exchange 2007 SP2 Rollup Installation. This post and the previous post announcing the release of the rollup made it quite clear that support for Exchange 2007 is ongoing and quite healthy! […]

Released: Update Rollup 4 for Exchange Server 2010

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A quick mention and a quote from the original post. I’d like to encourage anyone who is in an architectural or operational capacity to subscribe to the Exchange teams blog. Quoting from the original blog post: Exchange CXP team has released Update Rollup 4 for Exchange Server 2010 RTM (KB 982639) to the download center. […]

ITPRO Africa Cape Town Event – 10 June 2010

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We’re having our next free Cape Town based event. This time round we’ll have a particular focus on OCS integration and Windows 7. What can OCS integrate with, well darn near anything. To prove the point Uwin’s going to demonstrate integration from two extreme’s – Asterisk and Exchange 2010. One you would to be totally […]

The case for wildcard certificates

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Wildcard certificates used to have a stigma attached to them; however I didn’t really know where that stigma came from, except that it was considered “best practice” not to use them under certain circumstances. So I did a bit of digging – let’s start with the gold standard for Certificate Authorities (CA) – VeriSign, gold […]