Microsoft P2V tool released

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This week is a time to talk about most things virtual. Microsoft recently released it’s own P2V, i.e. Physical to Virtual Migration tool to assist with Windows 7 deployment, allowing you to P2V your old Windows XP environment into your new Windows 7 deployment, should you need to run a critical app that would only […]

CAS ARRAY Names, Certificates and Load balancers

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This post was originally published on CAS Array’s may be a bit confusing What are they What do you call them? Do CAS Array names need to be included in your certificate names What about load balancers   What are they? A CAS array is a logical Grouping of CAS servers within an AD […]

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 has been released

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I’ll spare you the marketing, here are the three links you may be most interested in. The download link is here: The release notes are here: MOST important – what’s new:   The CAS role has improved even more, with numerous improvements, including the ability to federate with self signed certificates (that’s […]

The case for wildcard certificates

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Wildcard certificates used to have a stigma attached to them; however I didn’t really know where that stigma came from, except that it was considered “best practice” not to use them under certain circumstances. So I did a bit of digging – let’s start with the gold standard for Certificate Authorities (CA) – VeriSign, gold […]