How do I know which Exchange Services 2000/2003 are running with PowerShell ?

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While were doing stuff with Exchange – how do we know which Exchange Services are running and what kind of state they’re in? Simple. Again were sticking to using WMI, connecting to the machine remotely and interrogating the service state. The basic command line is: get-wmiobject win32_service -ComputerName 2003server ,however that gives us every service […]

Powershell and Exchange 2000/2003

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Most folks I talk to have installed Powershell, but not done much with it. Most of these folks also run Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003 and don’t dream of managing Exchange from anything else but the GUI or VBScript. Point in case, a lot of Exchange 2003 information is available via WMI. Powershell makes WMI […]

New Microsoft Exams

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This space has been a bit wooly for a while, with a fair bit of confusion abounding, however Microsoft have cleared things up nicelly with 19 (you heard right) new certifications and more coming. Check this out:…   How does it affect an Exchange guy? Well here’s a really nice post from the Exchange […]

My phone is dead, long live my phone

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After the advent of Exchange SP2, I regarded my mates running Windows Mobile 5 with much distain and jealousy. Until the day arrived when I installed RoadSync from  Dataviz   What an awesome product  – I LOVED it. Finally my mail followed me around on my Imate Jam, even over GPRS. the nicest thing is it JUST […]

Microsoft & Novell Announce Collaboration

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Would the Day never come….. A few days ago it did!I remember the days of Novell Marketing Campians depicting MS as the evil empire with videos of Bill Gates as Darth Vader.Those were the days, however in one suprise announcement a 20 year old hatchet burried. Where’s this going? Blogs have been raving about this […]