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HP Exchange appliance – HP E5000, Exchange in a tin?

There’s a lot of buzz this week around Microsoft and HP’s release of “ in a tin” the E5000. Looking at the link on the HP website reveals a lot more than the FUD and the rumours, of what it can and can’t do. The press release is positioning this as a which isn’t surprising considering Microsofts current move towards most things , however there’s the usual datacentre or “private ” considerations and the economies of scale to be gained from there as well and ’s being swooned by the “plug in and switch on” nature – however time will tell if thats true 😉

Most folks are still waiting on the official bits outside of the press releases of what we can expect from the Appliance and we’ll have a to wait a few weeks before we know any more. So for now, no more unless there’s a juicy leack from somewhere 😉