A new TLS certificate is coming to Exchange Online

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This Article references MC146001 “A new TLS certificate is coming to Exchange Online” which you should find in your Office 365 Message center. Problem Description: You may be running in Hybrid mode or have an inbound TLS configuratiion using Exchange Online and noticed that you have a sudden build-up of inbound messages toward your on-premises Exchange servers. […]

Exchange 2010 remote PowerShell breaks after add/remove/change of IP Address

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Something that occurs in a lab situation quite frequently and less in real life is changing IP addresses on your Exchange server. Some of my lab servers frequently undergo a scenario change where I’ll add or remove them from specific Hyper-V networks or subnets.   Then one day everything broke. EMS reported : Connecting to […]

Want a job?

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The Exchange team have put up a new site trying to help people figure out if they’d like to work with them. Check out the site on http://www.exchangeyourcareer.com/ The site is done with a LOT of humour and is certainly worth having a look 😉 Nic

How do I know which Exchange Services 2000/2003 are running with PowerShell ?

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While were doing stuff with Exchange – how do we know which Exchange Services are running and what kind of state they’re in? Simple. Again were sticking to using WMI, connecting to the machine remotely and interrogating the service state. The basic command line is: get-wmiobject win32_service -ComputerName 2003server ,however that gives us every service […]